What do you do?

I work with people like executives, small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Because I love administrative work, I take care of the day to day responsibilities in running my clients' businesses so they can spend more time on their own mission and doing what they love.  I see myself as their partner, and together we work toward their goals.  As a result, they are able to free up their time to find higher quality business and personal lives.

Why did you decide to become a VA?

There are several reasons virtual assistance is the perfect solution for me, but what led me to pursue it was the desire to have a flexible work life so I can spend time with my family. 

After I decided I needed to be a business owner for this to happen, my love for administrative duties and years of business experience made my decision easy!

What is your work style?

I love to be organized and work best from task lists and with deadlines I set for myself.  I prefer to communicate by e-mail, but love to talk on the phone as well!  I like to collaborate on projects, and love to brainstorm with my clients.

Why would I want a VA instead of an on-site employee?

A VA may not be the perfect solution for you.  Some benefits to having a VA are:

You may not be a good fit for a VA if:

What if I need something done that you don't do?

Just let me know, and I will find a way to get it done.

Why should I choose you to be my VA?

You might not, or rather we might not choose each other, and that's OK.

Choosing the VA you want to work with is much more about the "with" than the "work".  When I interview clients, I'm looking for someone I can develop a long-term, collaborative relationship with.  Someone who is really looking for a partner.  This means that we have to have a connection and trust each other.  Skills can be learned, but a VA who will share your vision and keep you on track to meet your goals is far more valuable.

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