Heather I started my journey to Virtual Assistance as a restaurant manager.  You may not realize it, but in every business, even restaurants, there is administrative work to be done.  I soon found that I preferred it and had a distinct talent, and took on all the office duties, from database management to scheduling as well as maintaining my customer and employee care responsibilities.

Through this, I eventually changed careers and became a systems engineer for a restaurant software company.  I got to work one on one with clients as they were opening their restaurants, and in addition to programming their databases, I found myself helping them with all kinds of things, including spreadsheets, computer setup, research, training documents vendor relations and coordinating appointments with the many people it takes to open a new business.

I loved doing this, but another change came into my life in 2005, in the form of a baby boy. It was impractical for me to continue a job that required travel and late nights, and to be honest, it was not something I wanted to do.  I began to search for a solution.  I started looking for a way to use my administrative and customer service skills, and while searching the internet one day, I discovered Virtual Assistance.

Weeks of research brought me to AssistU. I was accepted, and after completing a rigorous 20 week training course and comprehensive exam, I am proud to say I graduated, and opened my Virtual Assistance Business.

Now I am lucky enough to work for myself, doing what I love, and helping other people realize their dreams.  I set my own hours, have fabulous clients, and get to spend time with my family.

Want to know more about how I work? Visit my FAQ page, or get in touch!

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